100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 97: Happy Mother’s Day

I would love to share this completely heart-warming story of how this Mother’s Day I celebrated and honored my mom with brunch and a walk through a garden, but my mom is celebrating Mother’s Day in Europe, far far away from her daughter, and spending all my inheritance.  mother-earth2A Happy Mother’s Day doesn’t require spending lots of money or even being side by side with one’s mom.  There should be a sense of honoring one’s mother, and my mom was my first influence on being the conservationist and creative spirit I am today.  So, in honor of my mother, I honored Mother Earth today.download (2)

When I came home, I was surprised with cards from my fur-babies.  I may not have given birth, but I try every day to provide my family with everything a mother would- health, happiness, and opportunities to grow.  I’m touched that I was considered in such a positive way as someone worthy celebrating as a mother.ca4b61d6-4ffe-458c-a4e6-261f9a3dcb12

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