100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 87: Crazy Rabid Squirrel

In the spirit of having a super long, but productive day, I wanted to keep my post short tonight.  However, I am a writer, so we all know that’s probably not going to happen…

There are some new protein/workout products that I have wanted to try out, and I received a sample of a caffeine product that was supposed to give you energy, but without the shakes and jitters that caffeine usually gives.  I am probably the worst candidate to try this product, but I was curious and took it before our 5:00 workout this evening.  drink-coffee-do-stupid-things-faster-and-with-more-energy-quote-1

I have two scenarios for you, my friends, to imagine.  One is from the movie “Over the Hedge”, with Hammy, the “crazy, rabid squirrel”.  Have that image in your head? Remember how insane and hilarious it was when he drank the energy drink?  This is me on caffeine.  I AM the crazy rabid squirrel that should never ever be given caffeine.d5e732aa51e26832b4032d59fe309734

Because when I crash, I crash HARD.  The second image I want you to imagine?  Who reading this remembers the infamous “Saved by the Bell” Jessie on Caffeine Pills episode?  Yeah.  I rest my case….3188277

On the plus side, I got a bit of work done at the writers’ co-work.  I am exploring a possible job opportunity that will definitely improve my resume immensely, and be flexible enough to allow writing to still be my priority.  I got two killer workouts in.  And I even did a yoga class.  Powered by one “Clean Energy” tea and 1/4 dose of Progenex’ Force pre-workout drink mix.  images (2)

That’s right, I didn’t even take a full dose.  Gods help us all!squirrel caffeine coffee hammy over the hedge dear god no

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