100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 72: Let’s Try This ONE More Time!

It’s not a secret that I am no fan of yoga.  Last year, for my 100 Ways of Fitness, I challenged myself to do yoga for one full month.  If I still didn’t like it, I’d excuse myself from “torturing” myself into doing it for the rest of my life.  I went the whole month, and I still didn’t like it.  So I was of the hook.  Or so I thought.  See I keep having relapse in judgement, and continue to try out different yoga classes fro time to time.  Last summer when we were members of Villa Sport, I tried a couple different yoga classes.  But I haven’t done any yoga since late July.  I guess that is long enough to forget why I don’t care for yoga.  I do constantly forget because all I ever hear about on the internet and from my friends is how great yoga is for the body, and how relaxing and invigorating it is, and how they just don’t understand what I don’t like about it.  Animals-Demonstrating-Yoga-Poses-03And after a few months, it gets difficult to remember what it is about yoga that I dislike.  Is it the holding of poses?  Is it the feeling I’m not doing anything productive?  Is it the way I feel like an absolute idiot while doing yoga?  I just can’t seem to remember.  And so, I found myself agreeing to attend yet ANOTHER yoga class, my first on Whidbey Island.plank elephant

It’s probably a good idea to schedule a yoga class at least once every 2-3 months just to properly remind me why I prefer to not join a yoga studio.  Or maybe I should repeat my challenge and keep going, even past a month, until I like yoga.  I keep juggling with that actual idea, because it is a good practice in challenging yourself, even to do something you’re not really interested in, but the other part of me questions myself “WHY?!?!  Would you willingly and repeatedly subject yourself to an unenjoyable activity, just because everyone else says it’s good for you?”.  And the thing is, there is an exercise program I do enjoy that gives me similar benefits to yoga.  Pilates.  I enjoy Pilates tremendously.  The problem is that yoga is so popular, that you can throw a rock and hit a yoga studio, but you are hard pressed to find Pilates classes.Animals-Demonstrating-Yoga-Poses-01

Yes, yoga is good for me.  I have access to a free yoga class once or twice a week, too.  I can’t find a convenient Pilates studio.  So, I find myself in a bit of a dilemma- do yoga and reap the benefits even though I still don’t like it.  Maybe after a couple months, I’ll get competent enough and confident enough to enjoy it?  Or not have any option for the exercises I know my body needs, especially if I’m working out sometimes 2-3 times a day?  It can’t hurt, right?  I mean, it wasn’t TORTUROUS….but it isn’t fun.funnydogpicturesimportantstretch_thumb

Maybe I should try this ONE more time….

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