100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 66: Glass Half-Full Kind of Day

I had one heck of a productive day.  And there are some considerations that would suggest it would be just a tiring day, but no!  Today was a “Glass Half-Full” kind of day!  And I also just noticed that I’m 2/3 done with my writing challenge.  I’ve written a blog post everyday for 66 days.  Now, THIS is becoming a habit!pessimist-glass-half-empty-optimist-glass-half-full-me-room-to-add-vodka

I was asked if I would continue writing daily after 100 days, and I’m not actually sure.  On one side, writing daily kind of forces me to sit down and WRITE, whether I “feel” like it or not.  And that is an incredible exercise for a writer to work through writer’s block or plateaus or writing blahs.  Write every damn day.  It’s hard for me on occasions, too, because I want every single post to be full of poignant and significant revelations.  But sometimes you have a day, and you just have to focus on finding that one lesson, that one spark from the day and write about that one fleeting moment.  Other days, like today, it’s difficult to choose just one aspect from the day to focus your post.  My moments were all pretty much unrelated.  But if there was a theme from today, it would be “productivity”.3491b85cee4529542d369ad923d4fb5d

Another part me would like to take a break from writing a post EVERY day, as long as I write SOMETHING everyday.  I think this is likely the path I will take, because I want to focus on writing my book/presentation/program.  And daily posts aren’t always going to be book-worthy. Also, there are times when I want to write my post about something related to my book, or a post that I want to spend extra time researching before I blurt out my opinions, but it would take me a few days to hash everything out before I’m ready to click the “publish” button.  I have published a couple of posts that I wish I had spent more time editing and finding better words to describe what I’m trying to convey (that’s editing, I know), but I posted them anyways because I needed to get a blog out.

What’s very unlikely to happen is me stopping daily writing.  I can’t see that.  But this isn’t just a tiny habit.  This is a life changing routine for me.  This is just like my husband’s daily art.  He spends at minimum 30 minutes each and every day doing art.  I think I could find it in myself to write for 30 minutes, or 200 words minimum, each and every day.  This is really what my 100 Ways of EarthFit was all about, anyways.  Creating this incredible habit that will make me a better writer.

So, what was so damn productive about today?  I got quite a lot of work done in a fairly short amount of time at the WIWA cowork.  I’m starting to write out my presentation for Zookeeper Fitness workshop that I’ll be giving at this year’s AAZK conference.  After watching that TEDx on tiny habits, I was super amped to share some of those ideas with participants in my workshop, because the ideas are EXACTLY the same as training animals with operant conditioning!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to finish off 3 pages of notes.  I have a two hour session for my workshop, and I thought at first that was too much time, but with the ideas just flooding the pages, I’m definitely going to have to figure out what to keep and what I can skim over.  This is actually a good problem to have, for me personally.  I sometimes worry that my book may not have enough content, or not enough relevant information.  But if I can hash out 3 pages of notes for a section I only planned on spending 5-10 minutes discussing, and I’m not finished, well, then my book will have plenty for people to read.  For now, I’m just going to get all the information down on paper, and I’ll figure out what needs to get cut a little later.

I also achieved a double workout today.  I attended Vibrant Fitness group session and then hurried home to design a BINGO Bootcamp for me and Chris.  I wanted to try to hold the bootcamp at one of the playgrounds at the community parks, so we could run around and act like children when we got Bingo, but the one we chose had a sign saying the structures were meant for children under the age of 12.  It probably would have been fine, but we erred on the side of caution, and mapped our Bingo as a short run around the playground, and added a weaving exercise through a rope fence.  As we were warming up, a little girl came over, incredibly interested in what the two crazy old people were doing on “her” playground (she didn’t say that, I’m totally projecting what I assume was going through her head).  At first we sorta brushed her off, but she was persistent, and we easily gave in to letting her pick our next spot, find the exercise on the board and mark it off, and she even ran with us when we got BINGO.  Now, you know I was serious when I said it was a glass half-full kind of day.  That kind of interaction with a child we didn’t even know would never have happened if I wasn’t in a good mood!e099b390-073b-4f96-9dd2-09cb99d4b3c5

I’m hopeful for the remainder of the week.  I have a super early day tomorrow, but the day is full of promising opportunities.  I’ll more than likely be sharing about one or more aspects of the day….Until then!


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