100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 56: Hoppy Easter!

In CrossFit, for special holidays and member birthdays, an especially difficult and challenging workout is usually planned.  It’s CrossFit’s way of saying they care, I guess.  I like incorporating similar challenges for my Bootcamp, where I typically have a particular workout planned for certain holidays.  With it being Easter, I wanted to do a workout that would exclaim “Hoppy Easter!” in a most challenging way.  My original thought was to do Burpee Broadjumps around the Upper Soccer Field at South Whidbey Community Park.  As luck would have it, my knees are in absolutely no shape to withstand the impact of broadjumps, so I modified the entire workout to do Burpee Lunges, instead.  This was still going to be quite challenging, as lunges, when I don’t totally concentrate and focus on form, have a tendency to irk my poor stupid knees as well.

I prepared a nice warm-up:
Super Marios around 1/4 of the field
5 Inchworms
Karaoke 1/4 field
2 Samson stretches each side
Karaoke other direction 1/4 field
5 Divebomber/Cobra push-ups
Adductor Skip and Touch 1/4 field
Reverse lunge back to start

Burpee Lunges wasn’t supposed to be easy.  And it wasn’t.  I do actually hope through my fitness program that my knees get stronger and withstand some of the impact I used to be able to do in 2014, because ultimately, I’d love to do Burpee Broadjumps.  But for today, I feel we accomplished a great workout.

Soccer field “circumference”: 60 yards x 100 yards, or about .18 miles

Chris: 126 reps at 23:40
Pattie: 117 reps at 27:28

Well, at least we TRIED to count.  I got the counting dumbs early in the workout, so I’m pretty sure my rep count is off.  Chris says he got his dumbs around his 100th repetition, so he claims his might be off too.

What’s nice about this WOD is we can modify and replicate it anywhere.  We each did just about 120-125 burpee lunges.  Even without a soccer field, we can time ourselves to complete this bear of a workout anywhere.  But why would you want to?

Anyways, Hoppy Easter, everyone.

Don’t forget your important Public Service Announcement from your local EarthFit:

Well, as long as the chocolate is made with sustainable palm oil...
Well, as long as the chocolate is made with sustainable palm oil…


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