100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 53: Creating Brand New Habits From Scratch

When I started my fitness journey in 2014, I created healthy habits that became a part of my routine and lifestyle.  This included my eating habits, workout habits, and even my drinking (water) and supplement habits.  I now drink way more water than I ever thought possible.  I eat more vegetables and fruit than processed snacks.   I log my meals.  Some habits need extra practice, and I decided that with our move and fresh start, now would be a great time to practice some of these habits that need refreshing, and also creating brand new habits from scratch.

Last year I tried yoga for a full month, even though it’s an exercise that I despised with a deep passion.  Not sure why I’m so glutton for punishment, but I have decided that one of the habits I should get into here is to run at least once a day.  I haven’t decided if this is just a trial.  I’m pretty sure after a month, I’ll come to enjoy my excursions outdoors.  I already don’t mind it, and running is the only activity I typically loathe as much as yoga. flat,800x800,075,f.u2 The last two days I have jogged (or my interpretation of jogging) down our road and tested out routes that would be approximately one mile long.  I have several hopes for my new habit.

  1.  Jogging one mile gets easier and easier.
  2. I run one mile faster and faster.
  3. I build endurance and able to increase the length gradually.560210_10153115588283783_2038221256287967968_n
  4. I won’t die as much during my Nature Trail Workouts with all the running involved.
  5. My jog becomes an important “me time” activity to either start off my day or wind down my day.
  6. I can feel accomplished, even if I don’t complete a full workout, that I did SOMETHING fitness related.726ef920-6ec3-4097-b455-2da2437558f1
  7. I can convince Chris to come out with me, for if can come to enjoy a mile jog, he certainly may enjoy it as well.
  8. It will get me out of the apartment, even if for only 15 minutes.

I think I found a good trail to start with.  It’s .5 miles each way to and from our home right now.  There are a couple of fairly steep hills, but it’s not a horrible path.  I do like variety though, so I can’t say how long I’ll keep this route.  I might find two or three routes so I can vary it up a bit.  33d43e17-ab5a-4afe-a8f3-8e9e14373f90

I’m at 2 days.  As of right now, I want to see how long I can go with a mile jog every day.  My knees may dictate a more lenient routine, but so far, they haven’t been bothering me.  So I plan on continuing my brand new healthy habit from scratch tomorrow as well.  Everything else I do is up in the air….10372314_10153128603233783_7910701956957725388_n


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