100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 50: Glass is Half-Full

As we hit the half-way marker for my 100 day writing challenge, I want to reflect on some things I have experienced.  While I am not where I’d like to be fitness-wise or professionally, I am hopeful that my physical location and momentum to write will help inspire good choices and motivation to reach my goals.  I have spoken before about focusing on the positive, so I’d like to see my glass as half-full at this half-way point in my challenge.

I had started using my Zookeeper Fitness Reward Cards, but once we got into moving mode, I completely lost track of all my progress and incentives.  I had specific incentives for living around Portland (such as a shopping spree at Powell’s bookstore, or at the refuge gift shop, or at Veggie Grill), so moving to Whidbey Island lost the initiative for me to continue.  But now that we are here, I can create whole new incentives and Reward Cards.  I’ve already looked around on Google Maps and think I may have found a good potential spot for our bootcamps.  I want to map out where the best produce stands, farmers markets, and local farms are located to see where I should purchase certain products.  And I want to contact several organizations for potential volunteer opportunities.  There is a Meerkerk Garden  not far from us as well as Earth Sanctuary that may meet my plant and environmental purpose.  I also started Beach Naturalist training at Deception Pass, but that’s an hour’s drive away, so it won’t be more than a weekly position, when I can fit in errands needed in Oak Harbor before or after a shift.  I am very excited for all the possibilities from Whidbey Island Writers Association.  And ultimately, Chris and I are thinking of starting a meet-up at one of the parks for group workouts.  I think that would be a fantastic way to meet other friends, get input on my program, and tweak my teaching style and methods as necessary.

I have tons of projects that will keep me busy.  Besides wanting to design and follow my own program to reach my desired weight by September, there’s the reason I want to reach my desired weight by September.  I will be presenting a workshop at the AAZK National Conference in Memphis on Zookeeper Fitness.  I will also be assisting in the presentation of a certified course for the Behavioral Husbandry Committee on Animal Welfare.  I want to be in top shape for these workshops, but I also have to work on the content of these presentations as well. As much as I want to write all my ideas for books, I need to prioritize and I realize it will be one step at a time.  But luckily, my Zookeeper Fitness workshop is going to be based off my book on Fitness Through Operant Conditioning and Other Zookeeper Principles, so writing and developing the presentation will help develop the book.  I might even be able to work on the two together.  Which would be great if I could have a self-published account for people who attend my workshop to order my book.  It’s ambitious, but doable.

I have some other ideas for projects that will keep me very busy as well.  I want to start working as a volunteer or intern at a couple of dairy farms so I can understand better the ethics and husbandry practices of good farms.  Maybe even volunteer at a beef or bison farm for the same purpose.  I want to target train my landlord’s geese, just to see if training helps with the care of them from her standpoint, and just to stay in practice and have a training project outside the home for me.

I have some grand ideas for challenges, whether I create them for 3-5 days or one week, it will be fun to challenge myself to eat greener, healthier, and more conscientiously.  I’m already putting together some eating routines for myself.  I think now is as good of a time as any to start practicing them.

I’m at the half-way point.  This is the time to either give in or muster up and push forward.  And since I’ve decided I’d like to be a glass half-full gal, I can’t wait to see what the next 50 days have in store for me!

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