100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 48: Leaving Oregon

I was going to try to be all poignant and significant with my post, and relate my packing and moving to fitness and conservation, but to tell the truth, my brain is a little fried from the whirlwind of news and last chances and the actual packing and moving.  We are leaving Oregon and if I’m being brutally honest here, it couldn’t come soon enough.  There are a tiny few aspects of Oregon that I’m sure I will miss.  Namely, the refuge.  Finding Schiffler Park for our bootcamp workouts was a blessing as well. schiffler park But unfortunately, what we didn’t like about Oregon vastly outnumbered and outweighed all the positives.

There were a lot of “Maybe ifs” that we considered.  Maybe if we hadn’t rented our apartment where we had.  Maybe if we hadn’t moved to Beaverton.  Maybe if I had gotten a job in an area I felt fulfilled.  Maybe if we had joined a CrossFit box.  Maybe if it hadn’t been hot as Hades last summer.  But the fact of the matter is, we DID move to Beaverton, and we DID rent the apartment in a super busy area, and I DIDN’T get a job.  Good workout at the park

The upside to the “misfortunes” of our time in Oregon was that when we decided to start looking for another place to live, we had learned certain criteria we most certainly did NOT want in our new home.  We didn’t want a busy town.  We didn’t want a lot of people.  We didn’t want a lot of noise.

A regular day at the supermarket...
A regular day at the supermarket…

And with these factors, we were able to ascertain what we DID want.  We wanted beautiful scenery, quiet, serene places, outdoor opportunities to explore, small communities with like-minded people, and an area that was centrally focused on sustainable, organic, and environmental living.  We looked a many places, in and out of Oregon, and even considered moving back to the East Coast (which after two days in South Carolina I called my husband to tell him hell would freeze over before we moved back there).  We finally found a quiet, writer and artist focused community that loves their local organic farms on the south side of Whidbey Island.  And moving there is filling us with intense excitement.

Right as I write this, the truck is packed full to the rim.  We are living out of an overnight bag, and we’re eating take out.  Not the healthiest, but our mood is good, and we are hopeful for the next couple of weeks.  I can’t wait to share my experiences with everyone!  mountains from the ferry

Whidbey bound in 21 hours!

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