100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 40: Haiku

I have some homework I need to do for my Naturalist training that I am avoiding because of all the rain we’ve been having.  I need to do a sit spot, but sitting still for even just 20 minutes is similar to yoga, and we all know how I feel about that.  I also have to finish my Trail Head Talk, which I’m not completely worried about because I already know what I want to say, I just need to write it all down so I don’t forget the little details.  But one thing I was asked to do that I got inspired to complete was a haiku.  It didn’t have to be about the refuge, or being a naturalist.  But of course, when inspired to do a haiku for a Naturalist training course, it’s bound to be nature related.

The haiku that inspired me was written by a friend from the refuge, Willem.  Willem and I have worked together several times at the Wildlife Center (Visitor Center) and I have really come to respect the man for his dedication to the refuge.  He’s not only a volunteer, but the Treasurer of the Friends of Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge, a huge commitment on his part that he does with a grand smile on his face.  He shared his haiku with me and it literally brought tears to my eyes.

Rain falling softly
Tweeting birds all around me
I think I am homenature trail

My husband and I are leaving for Whidbey Island in just over a week.  Chris is getting anxious and impatient.  Our experience in Beaverton/Oregon hasn’t been the most positive.

A regular day at the supermarket...
A regular day at the supermarket…

It wasn’t a great year, but it was a learning year.  However, the closer I get to moving day, the more I begin to realize how much I’m going to miss the refuge.  I’ve started writing my thoughts in a form of a good-bye letter to the refuge and the people I’ve met, and the thought of leaving this natural haven away from the chaos and turmoil makes me incredibly sad.

The heavens are sad to see me leave the refuge, too.  The skies couldn't stop crying
The heavens are sad to see me leave the refuge, too. The skies couldn’t stop crying

So, I have come up with two haikus that I feel demonstrate how I feel about the refuge and their mission to connect us all to nature and our wild side.

Spinning and swirling
Life abounds in the forest
My heart is at peacenurse log

My mind full of doubt
I hear the woods calling me
My answer is yes


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